Memoir, Memory & Mastery Presentation

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My presentation is based on the book, “The Skin That We Speak: Thoughts on Language and Culture in the Classroom” by Lisa Delpit & Joanne Kilgur Dowdy.  This book was very enlightening.  A good read for anyone, not just educators.  There are several discussions in this book related to language and how it relates to social class and power.  There is also a lot of information pertaining to assumptions about “Standard English” that I found particularly interesting.  Here is one relevant quote: “Nonstandard, socially marked dialects do prevent people from succeeding in the middle-class world, but they do not prevent people from learning to read and write.  If we insist that learners learn a different way of talking and communication before, or as a condition of, learning to read and write, we leave them irrevocably behind” (Delpit & Dowdy, 2002, p. 137).  Have you heard someone (maybe yourself?) say with exasperation, “They really should speak Standard English!”  You’ve probably heard the saying, “there are always two sides to the story” well this topic is no different.

Here is the link to view the presentation:


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