Diversity in the 21st Century Education

Issue Investigation –

Multicultural Education: An Essential Component of Dental Hygiene Education

Investigating multicultural education as an essential component for dental hygiene education has provided me a greater breadth of knowledge about my own cultural awareness and why cultural competence is patients’ feel valued. It is evident that dental hygienists have an impact not only in the patients that they treat, but also on society. Dental hygienists have a moral obligation to listen to their patients’ and to try to understand the culture that influences their attitudes and beliefs. It is possible to make a difference in the lives of others based simply on how they are treated. Dental hygienists and other health care professionals can take a proactive role to support movement toward social justice where individuals share the world together, grow together, and help one another without fear of rejection, oppression, and disparity based on race, ethnicity or any other cultural irrelevancy.

Click on the highlighted link above to view the document.



What does it mean to be culturally aware and culturally sensitive?

This video identifies four different levels of cultural awareness.  What level are you?

How did the United States become so culturally diverse?


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