My Final Thoughts and Reflection of EDU 607: Assessing & Managing Learning

Prezi PreviewI have just finished creating a presentation as part of the final work in this class.  As always, I was asked to write a reflection about the class.  It never ceases to amaze me how much I learn while doing the final project.  After learning about assessment for learning it certainly makes perfect sense.  The learning is in the doing.  Sure, I learned a lot while I read the course materials; it helped me to gain knowledge on this topic.  The discussions with my colleagues helped me to make better sense of the information and to develop a deeper understanding.  Every time I completed an assignment I was driven to use my knowledge and understanding to reason and draw conclusions.  Now, in this final week having completed all the course work I recognize now that the final assessment did in fact promote higher-level thinking! I think the assessment was good – it focused on the key objectives and brought them all together for use in a single project.  The first part was a paper…then a presentation.  I thought I had learned a lot with simply writing the paper, but in fact I learned even more while creating the presentation because I prompted me to review my work.  And once, again…this final reflection.  More than ever I can recognize that I am indeed in a learner-centered environment, guided my my instructor.

Here is a link to the presentation I created for my final project.


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