A Futurist Vision of Metro Area Technical College’s Dental Hygiene Clinic

One of the most interesting concepts I recall from this class for me was visualizing our current education system like a conveyor belt as it was shown in Sir Kenneth Robinson’s depiction. It challenged me to think of how education could and probably should be different than what it is. Grouping students together by age and assuming that one student will learn this-or-that at such-and-such age is a pretty ridiculous thought when you really think about it. I love the idea of individual learning paths using a personalized approach. As society moves toward this concept and away from the “one-size-fits-all” approach – how are we going to achieve that? I hope that it will happen. From my personal experience in the public education system, I can recall times when I have fallen behind or struggled because I had not understood a previously “learned” concept – but the class continued to progress…with or without me!

The course materials and subject matter discussed in this class changed my perspective about education in many ways. My thoughts were clarified by the readings and videos and provided context to what were previously ill-defined ideas and assumptions. Several of my classmates’ discussion board posts provided explanations and rationales behind some of the complexities in our current education system. These posts also created an awareness of a variety of topics related to unmet needs for both educators and students.

A Futurist Vision of Metro Technical College's Dental Hygiene Program

View the presentation on Prezi.com:


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